CDB For Your Pet

cbd oil for cats and dogs

Can CBD oil be good for your dog or cat?In theory, dogs and cats have more cannabinoid receptor sites than humans so they may be able to take better advantage of the benefits of CBD oil.We do know that dogs are more sensitive to THC (the cannabinoid that makes you high) and should not be allowed to ingest it.But CBD derived from hemp has very little to no THC so is considered to be safe and beneficial to cats and dogs.

Some of the benefits pet owners have reported include relief from pain, seizures, anxiety, and symptoms of cancer.Basically, the same benefits we see in humans.There are several studies in progress that we expect will confirm at least some of these benefits.

If you think your pet would benefit from CBD oil make sure you get a product that is THC-free and derived from hemp.Start them off with a low dose to see how they tolerate it and increase every few days.Check out the CBD products we use on our own pets: CBD for pets.

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